Deep Body Detox   55min        50€


Deep cleansing and detoxification with green clay and essential oils. Reduces fluid retention, invigorates skin and ideally complements any slimming regimen.




Deep hydrating cooling Treatment   60min        60€


The treatment includes a full body massage with a combination of plant oils that moisturizes and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. A wrap with fossil body mask refreshes and soothes irritated skin after sun bathing and provides the body with deep moisture. Following, a short facial with the express mask with aloe rejuvenates the skin and provides a feeling of freshness. An effective treatment for dry dehydrated skin, and ideal after extended sun exposure.



Royal Honey 60min        60€


Luxurious anti-aging treatment with fresh royal jelly and honey, straight from the beehives of APIVITA. Royal jelly, known as the elixir of youth, offers intensive nourishment, repair and renewal even to the most demanding skins. A holistic, honey-sweet beauty experience that improves skin texture and offers an incomparable feeling of relaxation and euphoria.




Body Scrubs 30min        30€


Exfoliation offering impressive invigoration and renewal of the skin as it sheds dead cells and stimulates microcirculation. Helps detoxify the skin, leaving it silky-smooth and soft. 
The APIVITA exfoliating treatments can be selected either alone or as a preparation step prior to massage. Choose one of the APIVITA Body Scrub treatments and enjoy your skin softer and healthier than ever:
• Pure Jasmine exfoliating treatment
• Royal Honey with sea salts
• Body Energy with orange & ginger