Our Philosophy

Apivita Spa treatments are based on holistic approach to Hippocratic philosophy in terms of health and beauty, respecting the needs and natural rhythms of the body. The balance of body, soul and spirit is realized with the participation of all senses, utilizing the beneficial effect of beekeeping products, essential oils and plant extracts of the Greek flora.

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Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a modern nutritional proposition inspired by the traditional eating habits of the Greeks. It is known for its prevention against significant chronic diseases due to its high concentration of vitamins and trace elements.

Greek nature

Our products contain titrated plant extracts of the Greek flora, known for its high biodiversity with 5,500 plant species and with great synergistic action.


24 100% pure organic essential oils, which enter the deepest layers of the skin and end up in the bloodstream, as well as trigger specific brain centers, through the smell, affecting the state of our mind and mood.


Bees derivatives (honey, propolis & royal jelly) contained in all our products are considered as the natural food with the greatest nutritional value for the human body.

Hippocratic Philosophy

Hippocrates, “Father of Medicine”, was the first to introduce the holistic approach of health, highlighting the importance of living in harmony with nature.